Financial coaching

We guide you through the complete road map related to financial coaching. Below a selection of our services in this regard:


  • updating the financial administration to get a status of the financial situation and to make plans for the future.
  • screening of existing contacts and contracts.
  • screening of the corporate and wage structure.
  • incorporation of companies and draw up financial plans.
  • fiscal audit
  • discussion of the needs of the entrepreneur in terms of growth and innovation.


  • establish and maintain management tools, such as formatting budgets over a longer period (min. 2 years), staff related budgets, fiscal input for you and your company.
  • tax optimization, optimization costs (61/62 account), …
  • develop and optimize remuneration policy: development of key performance indicators (KPI’s) for staff and management, salary bonus, …
  • optimization within the group structure: legal, hiring key people, …
  • searching for sponsors, investors, …
  • creening funding opportunities, incentives and innovation, …
  • searching for credit options


  • follow-up and adjustment of the budgets.
  • perform predetermined optimizations.
  • draw up contracts (cooperation agreements, management agreements, employment contracts, …)
  • requesting grants, fees, ... , submission and follow up, liaise with the competent authorities (e.g. LRM, PMV, social secretariats, …)
  • introduction to contacts, …
  • good follow-up of your file with banks, investors, insurance companies, notaries, …
  • searching for channels and personal guidance in the implementation of plans.
  • regular review of implemented plans to the changing legislation and market.
  • sale of companies, in collaboration with the entrepreneur and under the guidance of specialists.