In this section we give a picture of how we already have converted our services or can turn them into concrete projects.

Exit & new start – medical distribution.

A company in medical distribution was accompanied by our team to a successful exit and a start to a Business to Business environment. The company will start working on more international, more innovative medical projects, where the director feels better appreciated after his many years of experience.

Financial coaching for sport.

We have intensively guided a professional sportsman with the start-up of his own company and the working out of his financial plan. In this guidance we have set him in accordance with all the rules and laws, which applies to the exercise of his profession.In order to safeguard his income, we have drafted contracts with his sponsors and customers, who he trains. By the principle of advance payments we have given him financial comfort, by which he is certain of income. In addition, it was difficult for him to assess his costs over its revenue. The main financial costs were the costs he had to charge to its customers. The latter pay this account now in advance on a "third account" or directly to the suppliers, which has become more transparent and manageable for our client.Our further services for this customer exists in the monitoring of imported systems and make the necessary adjustments, if required. In addition, he is coached to a financially healthy and transparent company. 

Walk the Talk – the Management principle for production and distribution of goods.

The shareholders and the Board of Directors expect the managers that they follow the strategy. Between "say" and "do", however, a large gap.To check out a solution to offer, we have the bonus system for the managers linked to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that need to be achieved in order to be entitled to the bonus. Working with KPI’s has the advantage that the managers know clearly what they need to do to get the bonus. Examples of KPIs are the reduction in financial appropriations, internationalization of the business and profitable growth.

Long term financial security

The fact that your customers do not pay or cannot pay anymore, can lead to a decision of your bank to cancel your credit because it is a "straight loan". In order to counter that the bank would take such a decision with respect to our customer, we have set up an open communication with the bank. Open communication is very important in the process of financial coaching. We have drawn up a long-term budget together with the client, on the basis of which a repayment plan with the bank and suppliers was made. The company can now grow with the focus on the business and not on reminders.

Valuation of your company

Many business owners do not know what is the worth of their business. We have already helped several business leaders and their lawyers in the practical valuation of the company at a squeeze-out scenario. It must remain affordable, however without losing respect for the person who established the company or worked out the idea and the one that has to manage it. A payment now and a part on term with respect for everyone's input, a balancing act.

Continue to innovate and transform

Flemish entrepreneurs are hard workers, recognized for their knowledge. It is important to keep this knowledge not only with one person, but to transfer it to others. Therefore, a knowledge center is something for you, you can create protected added value, and if requested, together with other parties (= open innovation) or investors (= financial innovation). Only is but only and 1 + 1 can be more than 2.

Pro-active financial and tax planning

You have a "good year". However, it is not clear whether one speaks about this year or last year. Your accounting is often seen as a burden and the formalities are still heavy. However, a small projection into the future can easily be made on a 'A4'. On the basis of this document, you can keep track of it, when you are in the alarm phase (positive or negative). 'Show me the Money' is a question that is asked by a lot of entrepreneurs. The balance sheet and the income statement show the result, but where is the money that you have invested and built up. It is therefore useful to find out the evolution of the value of your shares, however without calculating yourself rich, but to see if your work is effectively remunerated.